The Nooksack Indian Tribe

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New Installation for the Nooksack Indian Tribe 

The Nooksack Indian Tribe’s name translates to “always bracken fern roots,” which illustrates their close connection to the mountains, forest, and the meandering Nooksack River near which they live in Northwest Washington. For years, the Tribe has been interested in renewable energy but was not sure how to get started. Once they connected with Spark Northwest a project was quickly identified and a pathway to funding was created.  

In 2022 the Tribe celebrated the completion of a 50kW solar array on a newly constructed warehouse that stores emergency equipment and food supplies. The new installation saves the Tribe over $4,000 on their annual energy bills annually and they are eager to begin developing their next clean energy project. Nooksack Planning Manager Ross Klein, Jr. is hopeful that the Tribe’s success will “inspire other Tribal communities to pursue clean energy as well.” 

With 38 federally recognized and several other Tribal Nations in the Pacific Northwest, having partners like the Nooksack Tribe vouch for Spark Northwest to neighboring communities is invaluable. As with many community-centered initiatives, projects and programs “move at the speed of trust,” and our reputation as a respectful partner is one of our greatest assets.