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Equity & Energy

At Spark Northwest we believe communities that are powered by locally controlled clean energy create a healthier and more just society. This allows for more community leadership and equitable asset ownership, while also reducing energy burdens and building wealth for frontline communities. 

69% less

Majority-Black communities install 69% less rooftop solar than other neighborhoods that have the same income level.  ​  

Less than half

Less than half of U.S. community solar projects include low-income households.


The poorest families in our country pay upwards of 30% of their income for energy costs.

Modesto Hernandez Leal

A just transition

A just transition away from fossil fuels means collaborating with farmers like Cooperative Tierra y Libertad to fulfill their vision of being sustainability leaders in their community.  

Equitable Clean Energy

We continuously work to shift our internal culture so that racial equity values are centered and deeply embedded within our policies and programs. Our goal is for Spark Northwest to emerge as a trusted ally and for frontline communities to directly benefit from our work. We are learning the importance of developing deep relationships with environmental and social justice partners, prioritizing intentionality over haste, and transferring power and resources to frontline communities so that they can develop their own solutions. Unlearning biases and upending structural practices is challenging and we invite communities to hold us accountable and help us see our blind spots.