Adam Powers, Andrea Axel

What We Do

At Spark Northwest we envision a transition to clean energy in our region that reduces carbon and prioritizes benefits for marginalized communities. To reach these ambitious goals, we work closely with partners to plan and implement clean energy projects that build power and wealth in their communities.  

Solution-based, equity focused


Prioritizing marginalized groups, we partner with Tribal Nations, community-based organizations, rural entities, nonprofits, and local governments and utilities.  


We work to develop and realize equitable, clean energy goals through coaching, skill building, and providing pathways to funding for clean energy projects.  


As a result of our work, our partners are on a path toward clean energy, saving money and cultivating energy resilience. 

Our Services

  • Facilitation of community clean energy plans 
  • Clean energy knowledge and skill building
  • Support for developing clean energy projects 
  • Grant writing support to secure project funding 
  • Program design and implementation of residential clean energy campaigns
  • Policy support to pursue local and statewide goals 

Our Values

Foster Community

We foster COMMUNITY, believing in the power of collaboration that is built on trusting relationships, open communication and recognition of each other’s strengths. 

Abundance Mindset

We operate with an ABUNDANCE mindset, believing that when we include a diversity of partners and ideas we will grow and be stronger. 

Reliable & Responsive

We are RESPONSIBLE, consistently showing up, remaining responsive, and following through with high quality work for our team and community partners. 

Forward Looking

We are FORWARD LOOKING, with a strong vision for a sustainable, more equitable future. We are proactive about demonstrating that vision through our projects, programs and policy.

Lead with Heart

We lead with HEART, striving to bring energy, grace and joy to our interactions.


Celebrating with the Oasis of Hope Center, Tacoma, Washington

See Our Work

We recently celebrated the completion of several unique clean energy collaborations with anchor institutions that are critical to the social fabric of their neighborhoods. Together these projects total 200kW of solar installations, which will generate savings of more than $719,000 over the 25-year lifespan of the projects.

Watch one of our success stories in action!


We support the following clean energy technologies:

Energy Efficiency

  • Weatherization
  • Heat pumps for heating and cooling

Clean Energy

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Clean microgrids