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It is an exciting time as new public funds are designated to move clean energy projects forward. We anticipate there will be many great opportunities over the next few years to ensure communities across our region benefit from the clean energy transition.

We provide practical resources for communities to pursue clean energy projects, prioritizing people most impacted by racism and economic injustice. We offer coaching and technical support, skills and capacity building and pathways to funding. We apply lessons from our on-the-ground project work to advocate for policies that center equity in how we transition to clean energy.

If you have a clean energy project idea, or are curious to learn more, please consider getting in touch. We would love to hear from you.

In 2023, Spark Northwest supported 35 rural partner applications proposing over 1.2 Megawatts of solar energy and energy efficiency projects -increasing rural resilience in our region.

If you are interested specifically in a project for your farm or rural business, please let us know by completing the intake form below. Once we review your information, we will follow up with next steps. 


“Without groups like Spark Northwest, access to clean energy is too often limited to those with wealth. The organization’s work is vital in building a clean energy transition that works for everyone.” 

Therese Miranda-Blackney, Sr. Director of Business Development at Shifted Energy