Mia Makah Tribe

Mission & Vision

At Spark Northwest we recognize that systemic injustice means that the benefits and harms of our energy system, including clean energy, are skewed to favor those with power and privilege. We work with rural, low-income, Black, Indigenous and people of color-led communities. By supporting the creation of community led clean energy generation and efficiency projects, and establishing the necessary foundational skills and knowledge, we can build wealth and power for frontline communities. 


We partner with communities to build an equitable clean energy future.


A Northwest region 100% powered by clean energy that shifts power and wealth to marginalized communities.

A Just Transition

What is a Just Transition to clean energy?

  • Moves power and control of production into hands of the community​
  • Ensures fair distribution of benefits and burdens​
  • Centers concerns of marginalized people​

Description from Initiative for Energy Justice

Our Projects

In keeping with our mission to advance clean energy that builds power and wealth in highly impacted communities, we intentionally recruit new board and staff members with lived and professional experience in communities of color and low-wealth to enhance our team’s effectiveness.

“I really enjoyed the teamwork, how you all work with other organizations to ensure that we are getting what we need.”

Sedonia Young, Shiloh Baptist Church of Tacoma on working with Spark Northwest

While our on-the-ground program work supports an equitable clean energy transition, we simultaneously work on policies to ensure everyone has access and that benefits are directed towards energy-burdened and climate-impacted communities.