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Staying Cool and Saving Money with Heat Pumps

Across King County, residents are facing more extreme weather, including heat domes and smoky air. As the climate changes, access to air conditioning has become a question of life or death, yet almost half the homes in the region lack air-conditioning. Heat pumps offer a way to bring air-conditioning to homes, while simultaneously replacing fossil heating systems. 

Spark Northwest is working in collaboration with King County, Emerald Cities Collaborative and the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS), to facilitate the upgrade of 150 King County homes to clean and efficient electric heating and air-conditioning systems. The focus is on White Center and Skyway – two unincorporated areas that rank very high on the Washington State Environmental Health Disparities map and have high populations living in poverty.  

We are targeting our outreach to culturally-specific groups, sharing information about and connections to utility rebates and most importantly, extra financial support for low and moderate income residents to ensure that their upgrades are fully financed. The program features women-and minority-owned (WMBE) installation firms and includes educational workshops.  

Learn more about how Energize Skyway and White Center improves the quality of lives for many and saves money on energy bills with heat pumps!