Policy Update March 2023


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Salem Again!

Hello all, we’re writing with some good news from Oregon ,

The Community Resilience Hubs bill, which we are supporting and helping to develop, is getting a hearing in the Oregon State House today (Wednesday, March 22). We’re in Salem once again to speak in support – and you can support from wherever you are.

  • “Resilience hubs” are resource centers that keep communities safe and healthy before, during, and after extreme weather events and other disasters.

  • Our bill supports communities statewide in defining and planning resilience hubs that are tailor-made to their specific needs.

  • More specifically, the hubs would include solar energy generation and storage equipment, heat pumps, reliable phone and internet access, comfortable places to shelter in place, emergency caches of food, water, and medicine.

  • Some communities may also elect to include additional services like job training, mental and physical health services, and youth and family programming – all of which will support resilient communities that are ready to withstand and recover from the increasingly common environmental disasters.

Take this easy step to let lawmakers know that you support Resilience Hubs for Oregon!

A helpful testimony toolkit can be found here.

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