Community Energy Projects

Since 2001, we have equipped individuals and communities in the Pacific Northwest with the education and tools they need to work collectively towards a cleaner, healthier environment. We make it possible for people to take steps to reduce the impacts of climate change and pursue renewable energy options to power their homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

Our programs promote the adoption of:

thermostatENERGY CONSERVATION & EFFICIENCY: Energy conservation and energy efficiency are presently the most powerful tools in our transition to a clean energy future. Learn how you can get involved in our energy efficiency group purchase campaigns.

Sun iconSOLAR ENERGY: From award winning community solar projects to our innovative Solarize Northwest program, we  help communities harness energy from the sun.

wind iconWIND ENERGY: We offer technical expertise paired with educational workshops, outreach, and support to ensure that any community that wants to harvest the wind can make that a reality.

sun turbine panelRURAL RENEWABLES: Since our inception we have worked with agricultural producers, Native American tribes and rural small businesses to access the technical and financial resources needed to complete their clean energy projects.

If you have an idea for a project and would like our team to help, please contact us for more information!

Community Energy Policy

Community Energy projects can only happen if we have strong policies reducing the barriers to implementation and encouraging development at the local level. Spark Northwest’s state and local policy efforts focus on:

  1. Increasing access to affordable clean energy
  2. Ensuring that distributed energy projects are part of our diversified energy future

Learn more about our advocacy efforts here.

Working With You

Attend an Event

Spark Northwest provides educational events to community members to support renewable energy project development.

Have an Idea?

Got a project idea ready? We may be able to assist with your community project. Click below to see what services we offer!

Find More Resources

Spark Northwest provides publications, guidebooks and web tools that help communities pursue clean energy projects.