Rural & Tribal Energy Programs

Spark Northwest helps agricultural producers and rural small businesses harvest the benefits of renewable energy. Learn more about using clean energy on your farm or small business through our program offerings below.

WA & OR Rural Energy Development Assistance

If you are a farmer, agricultural producer or rural small business, we can help you with your own renewable energy or efficiency project! Through partnerships with USDA, Pierce County Conservation District, and the Washington Conservation Commission, we offer consultations, feasibility studies, and grant writing support services. Learn more here.

Renewable Energy Farm Walkscows - windmills

Spark Northwest has partnered with the EPA and Tilth Producers of Washington to organize a series of farm tours to showcase the use of renewable energy on farms. Learn more here.

Tribal Energy

Our Tribal Energy program has been very successful in bringing energy savings to those that need it the most. Whether swapping out “energy hog” refrigerators, helping a tribe create a renewable energy plan, or training staff at tribal housing offices, we have a proven track record of engaging with Native American tribes to foster energy independence and self-sufficiency.

Energize Oregon

In partnership with USDA NRCS, Energy Trust of Oregon, and the Oregon Department of Energy, Spark Northwest assisted farmers with on-site renewable energy project development and feasibility analysis in the Willamette Valley and Central OR Coast. Learn more out the project activities here.

Working With You

Attend an Event

Spark Northwest provides educational events to community members to support renewable energy project development.

Have an Idea?

Got a project idea ready? We may be able to assist with your community project. Click below to see what services we offer!

Find More Resources

Spark Northwest provides publications, guidebooks and web tools that help communities pursue clean energy projects.