Energize Klickitat

We’ve returned to Klickitat County with a new program assisting rural small businesses bringing energy efficiency to the region!

Energize Klickitat is a group purchase opportunity for Klickitat County residents and small businesses to install ductless heat pumps while supporting the local economy. Ductless heat pumps are an energy efficient way to heat and cool your home at a lower cost than traditional heating systems. The Greater Goldendale Chamber of Commerce and Spark Northwest are partnering with local installers and community volunteers to boost awareness, deliver education, and provide considerable savings opportunities for Klickitat residents, while supporting local rural businesses and the clean energy economy.

Thanks for making Energize Klickitat a success! Registration has closed and installations are wrapping up. Thanks to everyone that took the time to learn about ductless heat pumps and participate in this project!

Jill Phinney

This project was made possible by a Rural Business Development Grant from the USDA. We are an equal opportunity provider.

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