Conservation & Efficiency

CFL-NEWConservation and efficiency form the foundation of our clean energy future. On both a household and community level, investments in energy-saving appliances and building construction reduce emissions and lower energy bills most cost effectively.

Even after decades of efficiency investments by governments and utilities, some groups, such as renters, rural residents, and low-income families, have benefited less from these investments and as a result, spend more of their income on energy. Spark Northwest partners with communities to create energy plans, provide education, and organize community members to take action.


Our Energize campaigns pair outreach and education about energy-efficient home heating systems with a group purchase to reduce costs. Over the course of six campaigns in Washington and Oregon, we have educated 740 families and spurred efficient heating installations in 263 homes, saving residents a combined $65,000 a year in home energy costs. Beyond saving energy, Energize also built capacity for rural heating and cooling companies, creating 11 new green jobs.

The Energize movement:

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Spark Northwest provides publications, guidebooks and web tools that help communities pursue clean energy projects.