Spark Northwest Programs

Environmental justice is at the heart of Spark Northwest’s programs. Whether working with tribes, farmers, low-income housing residents, or communities on the front lines of climate change, Spark Northwest strives to build equitable access to the benefits of clean energy.

Community Energy Projects

We help communities overcome the barriers to adopt clean energy. Through programs like Solarize Northwest, Spark Northwest works to bring the benefits of solar power to moderate and low-income communities. Access Solar helps historically disadvantaged populations with long-range energy planning and project development. Our Rural Renewables program helps small rural businesses with technical assistance and access to federal grant programs.

Advocacy for Policy Change

While we work to help disadvantaged communities with on-the-ground projects, we are also rising up to advocate for equitable clean energy policies. We work with local and state governments, utilities, and even federal agencies to undo structural racism in energy policy and build a more just energy system. We believe that when everyone can access clean energy, everyone will access clean energy. Learn more about our advocacy efforts here.

Working With You

Attend an Event

Spark Northwest provides educational events to community members to support renewable energy project development.

Have an Idea?

Got a project idea ready? We may be able to assist with your community project. Click below to see what services we offer!

Find More Resources

Spark Northwest provides publications, guidebooks and web tools that help communities pursue clean energy projects.