June 2023 Newsletter

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No-Cost Feasibility Study Opportunity

We partner with Tribal and nonprofit entities on clean energy projects not only because they help reduce energy costs but also because they can ensure energy resilience in times of outages. For example, a solar and back up battery system, often referred to together as a solar plus storage system, allows buildings to provide essential services when the power goes out. The first step for installing such a system is to complete a feasibility study. This is a technical step that is done by a certified technical team. Feasibility studies help identify permitting, zoning, and interconnection considerations, and identify costs and financial benefits.   

Dept of Commerce will fully fund feasibility studies to qualified entities like nonprofits, religiously-affiliated buildings and other buildings that serve community needs. If this is interesting to you, we’d love to provide more information and support along the way. Please note that Commerce will prioritize requests from rural, Tribal, and other communities most vulnerable to the impacts from power outages and emergencies. There are certain facilities that are eligible for this opportunity. Contact us at Spark Northwest to learn more!


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