Board of Directors Equity Resolution

A resolution relating to race and social justice, denouncing racism and social injustice, committing Spark Northwest to an active role in eliminating all forms of racism in its operations and dedicating Spark Northwest to social justice in all its activities.  

WHEREAS, Racism harms every person in our society and is a root cause of economic and health inequality;

WHEREAS, the Pacific Northwest’s history of racism, discrimination and segregation has created environmental health disparities and adversely impacted access to clean energy for many racial groups, and specifically Black and Indigenous people;

WHEREAS, the mission of Spark Northwest is to accelerate an equitable transition to clean energy in the Pacific Northwest;

WHEREAS, clean energy organizations must address individual, institutional, and structural racism in order to create just and equitable energy programs and policies;

WHEREAS, Spark Northwest’s Equity Team is comprised of members of Spark Northwest’s board and staff and meets regularly to ensure that equity values are embedded deeply within the organization’s culture, processes, policies and programs;

WHEREAS, Spark Northwest’s Equity Team Charter and External Engagement Plan set forth specific policies, programs and opportunities to achieve our equitable mission; and

WHEREAS, Spark Northwest staff leadership and board members are aligned in our commitment to end the silence that perpetuates the status quo and to join in the outcry of our nation by showing that we do not tolerate racism;


  1. The Spark Northwest Board of Directors hereby unequivocally denounces individual, systemic, and institutional racism.
  2. The Spark Northwest Board of Directors shall take an active role in Spark Northwest’s equity goals by following the recommendations outlined in the Equity Team Charter and External Engagement Plan, including participating in racial equity training; being responsive to communities and employees impacted by racism, especially Black and Indigenous communities; being partners in identifying and implementing solutions; and working with the Executive Director to identify policies to end racial inequity and injustices within our organization.​​​​​​​
  3. The Spark Northwest Board of Directors intends to revisit and reaffirm this resolution on an annual basis.

ADOPTED by the Board of Directors of Spark Northwest at a meeting thereof this 9th day of September 2020.

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